Hello - my name is Frank Ulip and I live and work in Boston. As an employee at a Clavis Insight, venture backed software company in Fort Point, I have had a front row seat to the drastic changes happening in our city. The increased presence of jobs that require STEM skills is going to continue to drive innovation and growth all across the country.  The changes impacting our city will put pressure on educational institutions, on transportation, and on housing. This means not only do we need new solutions on how to foster an environment that attracts top tier talent, but also solutions to help make Boston the a global leader in innovation.

I have also been fortunate to serve on the executive committee of Minds Matter, a non-profit committed to making college education a reality for accomplished high school students from low-income families in the Greater Boston area. We equip underprivileged high school students with the tools to gain acceptance at top-tier academic summer programs and four-year universities.

I am running this Campaign, in part, to solve the problems facing our city and to offer a new prospective on the Council.